The objective is to complete as many climbs as possible to accumulate the highest score possible. There are 2 divisions; “Recreational” and “Open”, to offer climbers of different abilities the opportunity for a fair competition.  There will be prizes for both individuals and teams: Team members are able to compete in different divisions individually, with the opportunity to win prizes as an individual within their division, whilst their combined team score will give them the opportunity to win Team Prizes.


This event is hosted by Thailand Mountain Sports Club to fundraise for the ongoing crag development effort in Khao Yoi. We also want to bring together an awesome community of rock climbers and give them the opportunity to have fun climbing outside with friends! Be sociable, make new friends, share your passion!


Climbers can compete in either the “OPEN” or the”RECREATIONAL” division.

RECREATIONAL: Competitors in this division may only climb routes at grade 6B+ or below to earn points.

OPEN: Competitors in this division may climb any route to earn points.

Teams should be self-sufficient: You are expected to carry out all climbing related tasks as a team, with no assistance of any kind from spectators or friends. This is  including but not limited to belaying and managing your own food and water (a non-team member cannot complete tasks on your behalf).

Youth competitors (age 16 and below) may receive assistance from parents and guardians.


  • To earn maximum points for a route, the climber must successfully lead the route from the ground to the top in one push without taking, hanging or falling on the rope. In case of falls and rests on the rope, the climber can still earn partial points for that climb if he or she continues to the to the top of the route without returning to the ground. Top-roping is allowed, though fewer points will be earned.
  • If a climber retreats to the ground, he or she must pull the rope and re-climb the route entirely to earn partial or full points. Yo-yo climbing is not allowed.
  • Scoring is based on an honor system. Climbers write down their own scores, with a signature from their partner verifying said scores.
  • For routes with an extension, each pitch is counted as an individual route. If you climb and complete both pitches, you will receive points for both climbs.

You can climb each route twice (across the duration of the competition) to earn points. If you complete a route more than twice, you will earn no additional points for said route.


4 - 6A 100 70 50
6A+ 200 140 100
6B 300 210 150
6B+ 400 280 200
6C 500 350 250
6C+ 600 420 300
7A 700 490 350
7A+ 800 560 400
7B 900 630 450
7B+ 1000 700 500
7C 1100 770 550
7C+ 1200 840 600
8A 1300 910 650
8A+ 1400 980 700
8B 1500 1050 750
8B+ 1600 1120 800



  • Please use the safety standards expected from climbers when climbing, if you are unsure of whether your standards match that of the competition, please check with staff.
  • Reckless run outs with the potential for ground fall or any other unncessary risks will not be tolerated. Participants may be disqualified if seen to be taking unneccessary risks. Any judgement and decision made by staff members is final.
  • Skipping bolt is not allowed.
  • Belayers must maintian a grip on the braking strand of the rope at all times while belaying a climber. Letting go of the brake hand is considered unsafe, and may result in disqualification.
  • Belayers cannot stand more than 4m from the wall, under any circumstance, including while taking the climber.
  • Free soloing is strictly prohibited. Free soloists will be immediately banned from the festival grounds with no refund issued.
  • You are required to clips two points at the anchors before lowering. Do not lower from one quickdraw.
  • No rappelling is allowed during the entirety of the festival. All climbers must be lowered off by their belayer.
  • Verbal, emotional or physical harassment or abusive behavior towards other climbers will not be tolerated and could result in a ban from the festival.

At any point, if a climber is viewed as a danger or a threat to themselves and/ or others, festival staff have the right to disqualify and ban the climber from the event.